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Learning 4.0 is SMART Learning for today’s fast-moving, complex, information-overloaded, and technology-supported times.

Think of it as the fourth version of your internal learning “software.” You were born with version 1.0 – you learned by trial and error and imitation.  Then, when you went to school, you upgraded to 2.0 with new study and socialization skills. As an adult, you launched 3.0 – the learning approaches that helped you deal with the new challenges of family, work, and citizenship.

But these approaches to learning are not enough today. Advances in media, technology, artificial intelligence, and all the other challenges of modern life require everyone to upgrade to a SMARTer,LEARNING 4.0 more confident, more skilled approach for managing information and personal learning and change.

SMART Learning 4.0 is that upgrade.

With SMART Learning 4.0 you become a better match for today’ challenges. You develop the mindset, qualities, and practices for lifelong learning and managing changes for the rest of your life. And, in the process, you become a better learning partner in groups and teams, and a more powerful coach and helper to others on the job, in your family – everywhere.

As a SMART 4.0 Learner you exhibit these 10 qualities:

  • Imagination. You have advanced imaginative capability –creating and being guided by your own self-generated virtual reality.
  • Whole brain/ whole body. You use the full capacity of your learning brain and body — your physiological, conscious and your unconscious functions
  • Self-Transformation. You draw on your deeper self-knowledge to help you more consciously transform yourself and your talents to live a meaningful and full life.
  • Deep Learning.  You see patterns in data, experiences, and even your own thoughts and actions. You use rather than being used by the increasingly powerful smart technologies
  • Anywhere/Anytime. You are sensitive to the learning opportunities around you, and you learn in the moments these opportunities occur.
  • Smart use of information. You find the best information for your needs, while recognizing and not being swayed by biases and data manipulation that are intended to influence your decisions and actions.
  • Resource versatility. You see all learning resources as extensions of your brain, providing specific strategies for mining the gold in any resource or experience
  • Change agency. You  successfully transfer your learning into your work and life environments. With 4.0 you make a difference in the world!
  • Co-evolution with technology.  You use smart technologies to achieving important and life sustaining goals. You remain in charge of these technologies.
  • Shared 4.0. Your learning capabilities are sharable – a good virus to bring the above learning qualities into groups and to those whose learning you support.


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