Unleash Unstoppable Learners With SMART Learning 4.0®
A Guide for Learning Professionals

In 2017, Pat McLagan introduced an upgraded approach and framework for adult and lifelong learning in her book, Unstoppable You: Adopt the New Learning 4.0 Mindset and Change Your Life. That book is for everyone as learners.  In this Guide, she helps learning professionals and educators bring this new SMART Learning 4.0 framework into their work as a learning strategists, designers, developers, facilitators, and evaluators. She also invites educators/trainers/talent professionals on a journey to help evolve learning mindsets and practices to a level where every adult rises to the immense learning challenges of these fast- changing times.

Unleash Unstoppable Learners with SMART Learning 4.0 helps learning professionals become a more powerful force in the next revolution in learning – a revolution where learning is an ongoing, smart-everywhere process that every individual owns and that every learning professional supports. SMART learning 4.0 is more imaginative, whole brain/bodied, versatile across a range of learning experiences; it is learning where people co-evolve with technology, see through information manipulation and look for deeper lessons and insights, are agents of change in their world, manage their own ongoing personal growth, learn anywhere and anytime, and help and learn with others. With the framework and tools in this Guide professionals create more learnable experiences but also help people become more learning-able!


Pat McLagan is a globally respected adult and organization development thought leader and author. She holds the highest leadership awards from the Association for Talent Development and the Instructional Systems Association, is a member of the Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame and is one of the University of Minnesota’s 100 Distinguished Education and Human Development Alumni of the Century. She has served on professional boards, advised Universities on new approaches to learning, worked with major business and public enterprises globally, directed studies of the future of human resource development, and is a passionate advocate for participative approaches to managing, working, and learning.


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