Mind Hacking
by Sir John Hargrave

I’d like to introduce a valuable, practical, and example-filled book about how to hack into your mind so that you better shape and influence your destiny.

Learning is always a mind-hack: something new happens to rewire and add connections (neuroplasticity), to add or replace ideas and habits, or to physically change and sometimes even add (neurogenesis) new neurons.

And who better to talk about how to do it than somebody who’s brain is wired for humor (humorists see connections that most of us miss). Sir John Hargrave, author of Mischief Makers Manual and Prank the Monkey is serious but sometimes playful in his book Mind Hacking: How to Change Your Mind for Good in 21 Days.   Worth picking up and filled with great tips that support, reinforce, and add to the Learning 4.0 practices you learn in Unstoppable You.   

Read Part one for insights about how you mind works (and doesn’t), the importance of attention and concentration, and how to get beyond the thinking patterns that keep us in ruts and interfere with learning and change.

Read Part two to help you develop your powers of imagination – and to imagine, not just a good future, but a truly great future for yourself.

And go to Part three for practical ideas about reprogramming yourself to achieve the future you desire – through writing, simulation, reminding yourself about what is important, collaborating for support and creativity, and through one-foot-in-front-of-the-other determined action.

This book is a great complement to Unstoppable You – with many nice ideas to expand your Learning 4.0 mindset and toolkit.