learning professionals learning 4.0

Bring your Learning Enterprise to life with Learning 4.0

  • Individuals learn better, anywhere, anytime
  • Teams become learning as well as performance communities
  • Managers and other informal coaches provide better development support
  • Your team of learning professionals builds Learning 4.0 principles and practices into design, facilitation, and evaluation.

How? Draw on our decades of experience and thought leadership in learning, development, and leading change:

  • Provide everyone in your organization or team with a copy of Unstoppable You: Adopt the New Learning 4.0 Mindset and Change Your Life.
  • Purchase our comprehensive Learning 4.0 Guide for Learning Professionals and Chief Talent Officers. It will help you
    • design Learning 4.0 into existing and new programs (including how you evaluate learning)
    • describe ways facilitators can support Learning 4.0 mindsets and practices in any program
    • suggest more systemic actions that will create and support the Learning 4.0 Enterprise.
  • Contract with us to implement a comprehensive Learning Organization Diagnosis that
    • examines the management and development practices, maturity stage, strategies, systems, and culture of your organization
    • engages you and your leadership in interpretation and targeted action planning to launch real breakthroughs in the learning culture of your business.

Stay tuned .. There is more to come. Contact us now if you have special requests or questions.